It is a connected world in which we live. But, when IT system connectivity is lost, time very quickly becomes lost money. Whether email is malfunctioning, malware infected your server, desktop, laptop, or the network is down, your business is down and the bottom line of course is impacted, but worse, lost opportunities, lost business, lost data, lost…

For over 30 years, ResolveIT has taken great pride in our ability to restore our customer’s ability to connect in a timely manner, mitigating outright losses and optimizing restoration. Please consider us for all of your IT system, infrastructure and network support needs with On-Site support starting from $95.00 per hour.

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Growing companies often don’t have the time or expertise to find and hire the best IT candidate for their specific short or long term needs. ResolveIT Staffing Solutions can help you find the best candidate – permanent or contract – for each unique situation quickly and easily!

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Microsoft Suite of Products

ResolveIT has been a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner for the last 15 years.  We are experts in the complete line of Microsoft products and services from Office 365, a complete cloud based office system to GP, CRM, ERP and the entire suite of Microsoft business systems. Whether cloud based or licensed, we can help you determine the right MS systems that are optimal for your business goals.

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Our Main Message

Us here at Resolve I.T. are all about our customers. each and every one of our proposals are based around your wants and needs. we find what suits you and your company best and will work from there.

do you need computer security training ? we can do that. 

do you need to upgrade to the cloud and Microsoft 365 ? we got that covered

how about email and server integration ? yes we can even do that for you !

we are allays about putting our customer first, from small business to large cooperates we treat all our customers equal and make sure that everyone leaves completely satisfied.


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If you have read all the way to the end of the page than why not give us a call ! all quotes are compete free and are always based around your needs. whats the worst that it can do besides making your life and that of your business easier !

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